Back in 2014, we took to Kickstarter and set about launching a magazine about fiber art and crafts that reflected our own sensibilities as crafters and editors, and which reflected the truly dynamic community of makers, artists and hobbyists occupying this space. We wanted to meet all those interesting, talented people we'd stalked online, tell their story on-page, and hopefully captivate somewhat of an audience, too. 

So, we did what felt pretty impossible—or more like improbable or least-likely-to-be-recommended—and we launched a small run, indie print magazine called Knit Wit. We're now in our third year, with six issues released to date.

Since then, Knit Wit has grown from a collection of print pages and stories to a community of the likeminded fiber obsessed. We host events, write patterns and drive an engaged online community across multiple networks. We are on track to become the hub for the modern craft movement—and we hope you join us