Knit Wit is a print magazine, but we don't really like to act like one. In fact, we think top-down, old media is not only over, but at this point, pretty dated and ill-fitting. Off-page and online, we like to talk, make and just chew the fat. We're building the best lil' community of fiber lovers out there—and we really hope you'll join us!


Step One: Get Yammering On Facebook

We set our Facebook Page out to pasture. Not only was it all about us talking at you, but only about 10% of you ever saw our posts. Goodbye to all that! Now we have a private Facebook Group for print and newsletter subscribers. Anyone can post in it. Questions about a tough pattern? Our Projects Editor definitely has a good answer. On vacation and lost your tapestry needle? One of our Group members probably knows a spot nearby. Just want a captive audience for showing off your #weekendwip? You've come to the right place. 

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Step Two: Attend An Event

We occasionally host amazing events, where you very likely might pick up a new skill or a new friend (or both)! For an invite to the next one, fill in your information over here and we'll keep you up to date. 


Step Three: Submit A Pattern

Would you like to see your original pattern grace the pages (and the Ravelry account) of this here fine publication? Submit yours for review and that just might happen.