Twice a year, we release a 100 page print magazine—our survey of some of the best and brightest stories of year. We track down and talk to everyone in this space: from foraging natural dyers to fourth generation cotton mill owners. All with the aim to celebrate and inspire. 


Issue 6 | HOT

COVER FEATURE | Lindsay Degen of DEGEN and babyDEGEN

INTERVIEW | New Denim Project's recycled mass production

STUDIO VISIT | Fashion-turned-textile designer Gregory Parkinson

EDITORIAL | Bright summer color by Anäis + Dax

ESSAY | Making the Willy Loman Quilt, by Blair Stocker

INTERVIEW | Sam Barsky of Colorknit

EDITORIAL | Poppy new materials by Evan Lane

STUDIO VISIT | Gina Rockenwägner of Poppy & Pima

INTERVIEW | The Overcoats, Knitting On Tour

EDITORIAL | Summer neutrals, plus texture and a horse, Maria del Rio

STUDIO VISIT | Argentinian Knitwear Label, Nido

TRAVEL | Osei Duro's live-work house in Accra, Ghana


Willy Loman Quilt, by Blair Stocker
Linen Stitch Tote, by Knit Wit
Alpaca Break-The-Internet Sweater, by Sam Barsky
Nido Sweater, by Julieta Racket

Issue 5 | COLD

COVER FEATURE | Janelle Pietrzak of All Roads Design

STUDIO VISIT | Weaver, artist and instructor, Meghan Shimek

INTERVIEW | Textile and performance artist Alise Anderson

ESSAY | The ultimate problem with domestic alpaca farming

EDITORIAL | Woodsy in Los Angeles, with Katherine Sheehan

STUDIO VISIT | Kids' and babies' knitwear line, Misha and Puff

INTERIVEW | Jane Palmer and Christy Matson of Matson+Palmer

TRAVEL | Artisan-driven commerce at Canaan, Bali

EDITORIAL | Roadside and rock-adjacent, by Kat Borchart

PARTY | Ace & Jig's Women in Textiles dinner in Los Angeles

ESSAY | Karen Templer on converting to slow fashion

EDITORIAL | Icy pastels by Lauren Loncar and Cori Roach

INTERVIEW | Natural dye expert and entrepreneur, Audrey Louise Reynolds

TRAVEL | 150-year-old Faribault Woolen Mill, Minnesota



Issue 4 | HOT

COVER FEATURE | Folk Fiber's Maura Ambrose

INTERVIEW | Twin sisters and embroiderers, Maricor/Maricar

EDITORIAL | A pastoral symphony with alpacas, by Hilary Walsh

TRAVEL | Weaving in Guatemala with Thread Caravan

STUDIO VISIT | Sally England talks to Carol Shaw Sutton

EDITORIAL | An desert trip of overdyes and texture, by Anäis + Dax 

TREND | Knit ponchos. Trust us.

INTERVIEW | Foraging and on-site dyeing with Graham Keegan

STUDIO VISIT | Modern art-driven Portuguese rug-maker, GUR

EDITORIAL | Graphic knits and colors, by Brigitte Sire

TREND | Elevated Embroidery

BOOKS | The founders of Tolt Yarn & Wool's favorite crafting books

TRAVEL | Chasing sustainable production with Industry Of All Nations

EDITORIAL | Soft knits and neutrals, by The Dreslyn

Issue 3 | COLD

FEATURED INTERVIEW | Woolful's Ashley Yousling

TREND | Mixing mediums with fiber and ceramics

INTERVIEW | Kiva Motnyk and Susan Cianciolo of Thompson Street Studio

TRAVEL | Knitwear designer Han Starnes' Nashville

STUDIO VISIT | At home and work with Lotta Neiman

EDITORIAL | A Thanksgiving-inspired fiber cornucopia

ESSAY | Illustrated female nudes and body parts on surface design

FEATURED INTERVIEW | Ambika Comroy's angora operation

TRAVEL | Sheep to shelf with Duckworth, in Bozeman, Montana

EDITORIAL | Transitional knits, by Annie Edmonds

INTERVIEW | The dual practices of three top artists/entrepreneurs

INTERVIEW | Meditating using needlepoint with Clare Vuletich

MARKET | The knitted oddities of Ben Cuevas

INTERVIEW | Pattern designer Tara-Lynn Morrison

EDITORIAL | Spooky knits from Poland

TREND | Hides, on bags, shoes and everywhere

INTERVIEW | Pattern designer Alice Hammer



Issue 2 | HOT


TRAVEL | Annika Kaplan's weaving trip to New Mexico

STUDIO VISIT | Lauren Mandoogian and Erin Considine's shared digs

EDITORIAL | Summer knits and swimwear, by Kat Borchart

INTERVIEW | The design behind She Made Me's crochet bikinis

TREND | Kites

EDITORIAL | Spinning yarns, with Clare Nicholson

TRAVEL | Laura Schoorl's San Francisco

INTERVIEW | Cat Lauigan and Alex Wolkowicz of Cave Collective

STUDIO VISIT | Kristin Amber Morrison's natural dye empire

TREND | Embroidered denim

BOOKS | Kneeland Co's Joanna Williams' top textile reads

TREND | Black and white surface design

EDITORIAL | New suburban style with Paley Fairman

STUDIO VISIT | The Citizenry

PATTERN | Prism yarn's great, fake ikat

EDITORIAL | Summer whites, by Anäis + Dax

BOOKMARK | Knit tumblrs for an infinite scroll of inspiration

Issue 1 | COLD

COVER FEATURE | Rachel Rutt, model-turned-knitwear designer

MARKET | Knit Wit Gift Guide

STUDIO VISIT | Artist Elena Stonaker

EDITORIAL | Textural knitwear in high relief, by Kat Borchart

INTERVIEW | Jade Harwood of Wool and the Gang

TREND | Our top quilts

BOOKS | Lena Corwin's bookshelf staples

INTERVIEW | Lily and Hopie Stockman of Block Shop Textiles

EDITORIAL | Knit texture via scanner, by David Kitz

STUDIO VISIT | The dup behind Lynn & Lawrence

TREND | Tassels

EDITORIAL | Inventive and vintage knits, by Paley Fairman

TRAVEL | Oaxaca weaving and dyeing by Jess Shreibsetin

INTERVIEW | Yoga for Knitters with Tara Stiles

ESSAY | Weaving is writing, by Francesca Capone

TRENDS | Graphic knits and prints, modeled by Jen Gotch

INTERVIEW | Beatrice Valenzuela and Heather Taylor talk crafting